Dr Nadia Craddock PhD, The Centre for Appearance Research
Dr Nadia Craddock PhD
Senior Research Fellow
The Centre for Appearance Research

Dr Nadia Craddock PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Appearance Research, UWE Bristol and an Associate Consultant for EVERYBODY Consulting. Nadia’s work focuses on body image and eating disorder prevention interventions at the individual and societal level as well as the role of prejudice and discrimination on body image and disordered eating. In her award-winning PhD, Nadia explored the role of businesses in fostering positive body image. Her research is frequently conducted in collaboration with corporate, government, non-profit and other community partners.

Nadia has a national reputation for her advocacy and science communication related to body image and eating disorders, speaking at events such as Women of the World London, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cheltenham Science Festival, Good Girls Eat Dinner, Anti-Diet Riot Club Fest, and Live Well London. Nadia co-hosts two podcasts, Appearance Matters and The Body Protest.