Panel discussion on the key issues in mental health and their relevance to eating disorders

Source: You Tube - The Mental Elf

27 January 2020

Relive the panel discussion from LEDC 2019 featuring Emma Woolf as Chair

The panel on the key issues in mental health was chaired by Emma Woolf, Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster, and the panel consisted of:
  • Eric van Furth, Professor of Eating Disorders, Leiden University Medical School
  • Anna Keski-Rahkonen, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Susie Orbach, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Writer & Social Critic.

Topics discussed covered the following points:
  • The current headlines about a 'crisis' in young people's mental health - have things got better or worse in recent years, and what can and should we be doing about it?
  • International perspectives on the current issues in mental health
  • Wider societal issues about the key challenges facing young people when it comes to eating disorders, the prevalent diet culture, and the "attack on women's bodies"